Plants, depending on their usefulness in the space, can be divided into various categories as indicated:

Flowering Shrubs
Trees to create shade
Climbing plants
Fruit-bearing – Fruit-bearing Trees
Palms – Exotics
Perennial poes
Cosmetic Argostodes
Succulents and cactus
Plants for dry and barren soils
Aromatic – medicinal plants – herbs
Citrus fruits
Plants for rock gardens
Plants for windbreaks
Plants for shady and semi-shady areas
Forest fruits
Plants suitable for edging
Salt-tolerant plants for coastal areas
Calciferous and acidophilic plants
Ground cover plants
Plants shaped by pruning
Drought tolerant plants
Plants for verandas
Seasonal plants
Plants resistant to air pollution

Irrigation products

The study, design and installation of automatic irrigation for a garden, a terrace, a field or a hotel and the irrigation methods that will be chosen for the correct management of water quantities, is one of our top priorities.

We work with the largest import companies that exclusively represent in Greece the largest houses in the field of irrigation, such as: RAIN BIRD, HUNTER, ORBIT, WEATHERMATIC.

Also from the German company OASE, which deals with decorative water structures, we have Water Gardens, Waterfalls, Streams, Ponds, Decorations, Water Plants, etc.

A range of quality pipes, accessories, sprinklers (geared or impact), electrovalves, programmers (electronic, mechanical or hybrid) and even a weather station, guarantee efficient irrigation.

Our company has the solution to every irrigation problem, big or small.

The plants are in harmony with each other.
A garden takes years to take its final shape and form,
so it is important to be patient and plan
with a long-term view.